At HOSPIMAX our Philosophy is to work for MAXIMISING LIFE by supporting disease prevention to have a more healthy society but the suffering population is supported by various therapy options for end to end disease management to lead a near normal life.

There is significant increase in lifestyle diseases like hypertension and diabetes which remain primary causative factors for slow progression towards progressively deteriorating kidney function called CKD ( chronic Kidney disease) which ultimately leads to kidney failure called ESRD( End Stage Renal Disease).

ESRD patients have to be managed either on Dialysis or they require a Kidney transplant and both the options maximise life & quality of life.

The Nephrologist and Clinicians try to manage the patients conservatively from the beginning of the CKD which is classified as CKD stage I to CKD Stage V. CKD management is multidimensional therapy spectrum which may be individualised as per patient needs.

HOSPIMAX has chosen this Therapeutic segment and taken initiative to create a complete product portfolio which supports clinicians to manage different stages of CKD , ESRD &also important drugs for Post Organ transplant recipients for long term graft and patient survival.

Our comprehensive therapy portfolio spread covers the:

  • - Core therapy
  • - Adjuvant therapy
  • - Supportive therapy
  • - Preventive therapy

CKD management has to deal with different aspects of disease management which are critical functions like :

  • - CKD Anemia
  • - CKD- MBD ( Mineral Bone Disease)
  • - Infections
  • - Prevention from further deteriorating kidney function

Similarly when patients opts for Organ Transplantation we provide various immunosuppressives& preventive medicines for various bacterial & viral infection control.

Our portfolio of organ transplantation is not restricted to Kidney transplant but covers all solid organ transplantations like liver , Heart , Lung and other organs and also used for Bone marrow & Stem cell transplantation.

Our Immunosuppressive portfolio also caters to all Autoimmune diseases for nephrology , Immunology & Rheumatology and even Dermatology segment to manage various auto immune diseases effectively.

Partnering for Public Education for prevention of disease

There is big challenge for the clinicians to keep patients updated on various life style management changes , precautions to be taken and prevention from deterioration of chronic kidney disease as well as Post-transplant preventive measures .

HOSPIMAX is committed to support the clinicians & ailing populace by involving in various patient education programs and supporting continued medical education initiatives to help manage the patients better.