In Hospimax Healthcare, our philosophy is to “Maximising Life”. Maximising Life not only by providing the world class products & services to the customer but also by taking few initiatives in betterment of the society. One of our initiative which we are running successfully for sometime is ‘Go Green’.

Nowadays, we are all concerned with climate change, global warming, depletion of natural resources etc. We as a healthcare company are pursuing with our initiatives & program under ‘Go Green’. We believe as a company its our moral duty to make people & our staff more aware towards the consequences of this climate change. We work towards contributing to resolve this problem and we guide our people to take a little step rather than to wait for big changes to make this environment for healthy living.

In our ‘Go Green’ initiative, today our staff is more aware and is self-enthusiast to start environment friendly activities in their daily routine like plantation, using reusable environment friendly things etc. Our objective is to take this initiative at the larger scale to increase our connect to more & more people & making them to understand the positives of this initiative.

This year our goal is to distribute around 10,000 plants all over India through our dedicated team to our customers. This way we would spread our reach & message of ‘Go Green’ to more number of people & we will come across many people who will come forward to take this initiative at the next level

We wish our society will be greener, cleaner & environment friendly.