Job Description

Medical Device Sales Executive

Sales Executive is responsible for selling medical devices to both Government Hospitals, procurement agencies and private hospital / Nursing home and clinics. To identify and shortlist potential customers and giving a persuasive demonstration of the devices to those which show interest. As with other sales jobs, an effective medical device sales executive possesses strong communications skills and a friendly personality, so as to effectively communicate and clarify the queries and concerns of potential customers.

Medical device sales executive must have background in the health care industry, and a background in sales.

Successful applicants will undergo extensive training; this training usually begins with an experienced sales representative offering mentoring, which may include learning both successful sales techniques, the function and operation of the medical equipment being sold. It is usually desired that the applicant already possesses a developed set of sales skills through previous experience.

As with all sales job requirement, selling medical devices involves significant interaction with prospective and existing clients on their convenient, meaning that working hours are highly variable.

This position involves significant amounts of travel.

Important Tasks:

  • Develop relationships with prospective and existing customers, knowing their needs.
  • Create sales reports.
  • Discuss products to clients and offer the correct product to their matching need.
  • Work with clients to increase visibility and usage of devices.