Hospimax HealthcarePrivate Limited, a privately held limited liability company registered under Government of India laws, is emerging as foremost representative of leading medical equipment technologies across India. A completely integrated and knowledge base Hospimax,is growing as medical equipment sales and marketing company with focus on developing healthcare business.

Hospimax provides healthcare solutions for different medical specialties through professional sales force specific for various customers and business divisions.

In addition to participating in regular tenders, we also work proactively on specific products for corporations and large turnkey projects, helping them develop new profitable revenue streams for more than two decades now.

Behind Hospimax success, is a team of competent, committed people, driven by the principal of values, and supported by strong alliances and partnerships.

To reach the customer, Hospimax has over 50 talented executives and state of the art after sales service center, in the best interest of both government and private customers supporting existing business.